In life, uncertainty and doubt are unavoidable — and that’s a good thing.

Cover of The Certainty of Uncertainty The Way of Inescapable Doubt and Its Virtue

The world is full of people who are very certain—in politics, in religion, in all manner of things. In addition, political, religious, and social organizations are marketing certainty as a cure-all to all life’s problems. But is such certainty possible? Or even good?

The Certainty of Uncertainty explores the question of certainty by looking at the reasons human beings crave certainty and the responses we fashion to help meet that need. The book takes an in-depth view of religion, language, our senses, our science, and our world to find the inescapable certainties therein. We come to see that the certainty we crave does not exist.

As we reflect on the unavoidable uncertainties in our world, we come to understand that embracing uncertainty and doubt is not only necessary, it’s beneficial. For, in embracing doubt and uncertainty, we find a more meaningful and courageous religious faith, a deeper encounter with mystery, and a way to build strong relationships across religious and philosophical lines. In The Certainty of Uncertainty, we see that embracing our belief systems with humility and uncertainty can be transformative for our selves and for our world.

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