The cover of The Certainty of Uncertainty the way of inescapable doubt and its virtue for faith

The Certainty of Uncertainty: The Way of Inescapable Doubt and Its Virtue, published by Wipf & Stock, is a book exploring the unavoidable nature of uncertainty and doubt—and why that’s a good thing for a powerful faith and a meaningful life.

The Certainty of Uncertainty takes a look at our desire for certainty, explores the unavoidable nature of uncertainty, and reveals how embracing uncertainty and doubt is transformative for our selves, our faith, and for our world.

The book is written for two groups of people: the Certain and the Uncertain. The Certain spend tremendous amounts of energy defending their certainties of belief, fearing that even the slightest doubt will bring the whole house of cards down and ruin meaningful faith. The Uncertain acknowledge their doubt but believe that doing so is admitting their failure as people of faith. The Certainty of Uncertainty explores the relationship between doubt and faith, demonstrating that only those who truly embrace doubt can have a powerful and meaningful faith.

For the Certain, the book helps them to let go of their rigidity in thinking and their need for certainty. It helps them to understand that a little doubt can be a really good thing. And for the Uncertain, the book offers the assurance that far from going about faith wrong, they’re doing it exactly right. Doubt is inescapable, but there is virtue in it.

This website contains excerpts and previews for the book and information on how to purchase it.

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Mark Schaefer
Author, The Certainty of Uncertainty

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