In the past week, Rev. Mark Schaefer, the author of The Certainty of Uncertainty, had the occasion to appear on two very excellent podcasts to talk about the book and the themes it addresses, as well as life, science fiction, and Oreo cookies. Listen to the podcast episodes by clicking on the links below!

Speaking of Tangents

Speaking of tangents logo

Hosted by Kj Ohnstad and Jason Fuse, the Speaking of Tangents Podcast is a weekly conversation on all manner of random topics, or are they just seemingly random topics bound together through Quantum Entanglement? Find out on this highly enjoyable program.

☛ “Of Mice and Luggage,” November 30, 2018 (Listen now)


Chatter on Books

Chatter on Books logo

This ain’t your mother’s book club! This weekly podcast hosted by Torie Clarke and Marc Sterne talks books, culture, current events, and history, and features regular contributors David Aldridge, Jeanne McManus, and Michael Kornheiser.

☛ “Let’s Be Certain about Uncertainty,” December 3, 2018 (Listen now)

Earlier Appearances

In August, Rev. Schaefer got to sit down with Stephanie Lecci, the producer at Interfaith Voices, to talk about the importance of doubt as an element of a healthy and meaningful faith. You can listen to the interview on the Interfaith Voices site.